Cardi B steps outside with husband Offset for shopping in a completely see-through dress

Cardi B see-through dress is actually an optical illusion

Cardi B's latest look has us in a bind! We'd be lying if we said we haven't eyed her outfit more than once to figure out what she’s wearing. She missed out on performing her song ‘WAP’ at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s inauguration. However, on January 22nd, 2021 she turned a shopping trip with her husband, Offset, into a red carpet event. Scroll down to see the look and decide what you feel about it yourself!

  • The rapper, with her real name as Belcalis Almanzar, has a charming daughter, Kulture, and a loving husband, Offset.
  • At age of 28, she never fails to surprise her 81.5 million followers on Instagram with her out-of-the-box fashion sense.
  • The Grammy Award winner has scored a net worth of $24 million by partnering up with Reebok, Balenciaga, and Fashion Nova.
Cardi B posing in a daring but confusing dress by Pierre-Louis Auvray next to husband Offset

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper donned a daring dress on her shopping spree with Offset in Beverly Hills. Offset wore a casual collared shirt with suede trousers, but Cardi stole the show in a red, galactic body-con dress designed by Pierre-Louis Auvray. The duo looked poles apart but without a doubt part of each other’s hearts! Don't you agree?

Cardi B and Offset on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills

The 'Money' rapper’s bold dress had a white pipping on the sides and a woolen top. Her entirely see-through outfit made her dark-colored thong visible. The ‘WAP’ singer sealed the deal by pairing the look with red Saint Laurent studded heels, red-rimmed sunglasses, and gold nail polish. She added a red face mask to match her eye-catching dress.

The ' I Like It' singer's completely see-through dress from the back

Later on, the ‘Please Me’ rapper posted a picture of herself posing next to Offset on her Instagram. She captioned the pic with a reference to Dragon Ball Z characters:

'Majin Buu & Goku' - Cardi B

The picture threw off the internet into thinking the dress was an illusion of some kind! Even the caption didn't help in solving our confusion. This reminded us of the time when the whole world was divided between thinking a viral dress was either white and gold or black and blue.

Kulture's parents dressed up to hit the mall

Our first impression of the dress made us think it was one of those t-shirt dresses that have a bikini body printed on it! We thought our mind was playing tricks on us. Figuring what the outfit really was made our head spin. Just then we saw the pictures Offset posted with the caption:

'I know you wish you was me I wish I was me [heart eyes emoji]' - Offset

What really gave away that it was Cardi's own body being visible through the dress was the 3D-looking peacock thigh tattoo of hers in Offset's post! Were you able to tell sooner?  

Model  Akuac Thiep wearing the same dress as Cardi B

The designer of the dress, Pierre-Louis Auvray, shared a similar picture of Cardi captioning it:

'Cosmic energy' - Pierre-Louis Auvray

This really solved the mystery about the inspiration for the dress, which was linked to giving off 'Space Girl' vibes. We were fascinated by the approach Auvray took in creating the piece. Auvray's technique of enhancing the human body through his designs certainly sets him apart from the crowd. What do you think?  

Another version of Pierre-Louis Auvray's cosmic dress worn by Cardi B 

To us, the dress even looked exquisite on the models. However, we've got to hand it to Cardi for owning the look like the one of a kind queen she is! The outfit was a bit much for an everyday trip to the shopping mall, but we can't even think of calling the fashion police on her since she was so in sync with the outfit. Do you think the same? 

Cardi B pulling off the sheer look with great style and ease

Cardi even posted a video of her eventful day to say:

'Hi guys! It’s Majin Buu here, on my way to fight Goku. Bye!' - Cardi B

Turns out she was supposed to be Majin Buu and Offset was supposed to be Goku. Even previously, she hasn't shied away from expressing her love for anime on Twitter. We really don't know what to think of this except how funny Cardi can be at times! There's no wonder she's one of the most meme-worthy celebrities. Don't you agree? 

In conclusion, the phrase that sums up the Love & Hip Hop star's outfit in her one of her own quotes is 'it's spicy'.

We were anticipating to see her in more outfits that look out of this world in her new song 'Up' and it's safe to say that she didn't disappoint!  What are your thoughts on Cardi's dressing sense? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the video on Cardi B's most attractive looks below! 


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