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Cardi B reveals the shocking amount of money she spends on COVID-19 tests!

Don't you wish the pandemic would be over soon? So does Cardi B! The 'I Like It' rapper expressed how difficult it is for her, all the staff, and her family in these times. The spread of the coronavirus has had a heavy impact on her bank account! How much does all of this cost for the star? Read below to find out!

  • Cardi B debuted in 2017 with a hit single called 'Bodak Yellow'.
  • The coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China in 2019. It's called 'COVID-19'.
  • In the United States there are more than 26.6 million active cases of the disease.
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The spread of coronavirus has turned everyone's world upside down! From small businesses to celebrities and politicians, people all over the world are under threat. While vaccinations are being provided, what is Cardi's major concern?

Cardi's tweet

 'Every time we get tested, it's about $250 each'. The rapper revealed the price!

On January 26, 2021, she posted on Twitter that she takes at least 4 COVID-19 tests per month! This shocked many fans all around the world as they thought the testing was free. Is Cardi B being scammed? 

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The world-famous rapper had to clarify that on every schedule she and her whole management had to take the test. The test is only free for citizens who go into hospitals, while those who require the services at home have to pay an amount of $250. That's way too much, don't you think?

The 'WAP' star made a snide remark towards the stress on the pocket saying 'This (testing) is seriously a new business'.

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'Just to shoot a commercial even the janitors must get tested twice'. The star explained in another tweet.

We know that celebrities can cover such costs easily but what about the working class? Cardi believes that the government should make testing free for everyone. The pandemic is something that will not be over soon. 

She just wants to do what she loves without the ridiculous expenses. Do you agree with her?


I believe that everyone would like to go back to their old routines too! Imagine getting tested just for carrying out daily work activities. Not only is this costly but a waste of testing kits too! Are you shocked to hear about Cardi's expenses? Let us know in the comments below!

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