Cardi B at an award show

Cardi B is becoming a teacher and her outfit is gorgeous!

Wow, is the world-famous rapper becoming a teacher? It surely seems so! In the new episode of her reality show called 'Cardi Tries', she's taking the path of teaching! The star selected a  stunning Burberry dress to show-off for her introductory class. The 'WAP' sensation taught a history lesson and played with students during their free time! Will she make a great mentor for the future leaders? Read below to find out!

  • Her reality show named 'Cardi Tries' aired on December 17th, 2020. 
  • New episodes air weekly on Thursdays.
  • The global star has a clothing line called 'The Cardi B Collection' by the brand Fashion Nova.
  • She was announced as the 'Style Influencer of the Year' by the FN Achievement Awards in November 2020.
Cardi at the Chanel Fashion Show

Get ready to go to school with your favorite rapper! It's great to see her try out different professions in the program called 'Cardi Tries'. You'll be able to see her visit the local nursery, interact with kids and give them a history lesson too! Click here to watch the episode. 

Never lacking in the fashion department, of course, she selected the best outfit! Want to see what it is? Keep on reading!

Cardi B at school with kids

The Grammy Award winner stepped out in a gorgeous high-neck mini dress with checkered prints! Her hair was styled prettily in a bun to show off her hoop earrings. I love the simplicity of her look! Wow, don't you think she looks amazing? Cardi is always a stunner. 

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Cardi B at a fashion event

How nice of the star to tour the school and hang out with children? The ‘WAP’ rapper even accompanied them to the playground. Making use of the free time she flaunted her stylish shoes!

The bold heels came with funky tints of green and orange tips, how cool is that? She can make any footwear look great. Do you want to buy these trendy heels too? Click here to check them out! 

In her program she has taken the role of teaching, tried out VR gaming and learned how to farm too. Read all about it here!


I love the fact that the star is trying to do something unique with her show by exploring different working areas. Surely, only being a rapper must get boring at times. I think being a teacher really suits her since she's good with children and their fun activties!

No matter where she goes, all eyes are on her! Her sense of fashion has brought her a long way in the industry, now she's promoting Balenciaga!

Did you like her outfit for the school day? Comment below!

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