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California and the battle to stop illegal skateboarding

Cali is the skateboarding and surf state by excellence. With  over 20 skate parks in Los Angeles only, skates and rollerblades are a way of life. Nevertheless, some locals complain that skate parks tend to gather masses of people that congregate to film and see the biggest professional in the sport. The problem? Not respecting social distancing. Check out this article to see how they solved this problem.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Locals at San Clemente have been complaining about skateboarders violating stay at home orders and irresponsibly using the skate park illegally.
  • Skateboarders between the ages 15 and 21 have ignored all warnings and continued trespassing during the pandemic lockdown
  • Authorities have poured thousands of pounds of sand into the skate parks to make sure to keep the trespassers in line and out of the public areas.
ABC reported the scene in April where authorities were filling the park with sand. Despite all the measures being taken, California and United States are suffering a massive hit from COVID-19 infections. A big setback is expected with restaurants and shopping centers closing again. Researchers have the theory that massive group protests and manifestations helped the spreading of the virus, as well as people leaving their guard down and thinking this could be over in no time. 

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