Britney Spears wins battle in #FreeBritney conservatorship

Britney Spears wins battle in #FreeBritney conservatorship

The singer is enjoying her wonderful summer next to her boyfriend Sam Asghari and things are going extremely well as one of the most important petitions of the superstar was granted by the judge. Read below the reason to celebrate!

  • After hear mental breakdown 12 years ago, her father has been having the control over her finances and income.
  • Her net worth is over $200 million and fans made protests under the hashtag #FreeBritney so that the pop queen can have financial independence. 
  • Britney is leaving courtroom works to her attorney Samuel Ingham her mother Lynne and sister Jamie. 
Britney with her sister Lynn, who has been playing a major role on her legal team. Source: Getty

"Expanding the legal team".

This is all what the 38-year-old was asking. She wants to bring more professionals to help her fight against her father, who doesn't think her daughter is fit to handle her life independently. 

Why you might ask? Before the conservatorship, she was giving away almost $25.000 monthly on hairdressers as well as $1000 weekly for dog food. It's a lot? Yes. Does she win a lot? Also.

If you want to hire Britney for your party (socially distanced of course) you won't be spending less than $150.000 dollars. That's a lot of bushings and dog popsicles! She looks good, happy, enjoying with her muscled-young-gorgeous boyfriend Sam at the beach while karma is giving her a second chance.

Hopefully, the justice system rules in favor of the entertainer, who we can't wait to see her back on the stage! Go Britney! 

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