Britney looking worried after losing her legal battle of her conservatorship

Britney Spears just lost her most important legal battle

The Justice System of the United States hasn't been favoring the singer lately and this was reflected in her latest battle against her father's James conservatorship. The fans are still pushing the #FreeBritney movement and the star gave a positive answer in her social media. Watch the video below!

  • The court rejected the "independence" request from the diva's legal team and kept her Jamie as her tutor. 
  • Samuel Ingham, celebrities' attorney representing the singer stated that her client is "afraid" of her dad.
  • Good news is that the Bessemer Trust (picked by Britney herself) was named a co-conservator alongside her father. 

What was the problem about?

James and Britney Spears. Source: Shutterstock

As you might know, Britney's dad has control over her finances after her mental breakdown in 2008. He has been criticized for not letting the singer even go grocery shopping without permission or being able to post anything on social media.

Britney's revolution

#FreeBritney supporters outside court. Source: Getty

After being 12 years under her father's orders, she decided to fight against alleging she is better, independent and responsible (the singer even admitted that the conservatorship was a good decision at the beginning because her dad paid all of her debts and managed to turn her financial situation to a $60 million enterprise). 

What happens next?

The last photo of the singer

After this decision from the judge, Britney will be closer to her goal of being independent but in the meantime, she decided not to perform anymore until she gets what she wants. We talked about her saying goodbye to social media. She came back today with a message of hope.

The black and white reflected her fight towards her goal. The caption stated "Keep JUMPING towards your dreams". Afterwards, she posted a video boxing, in a clear message that she will not be standing back and will continue to fight the court's decision.

Good for you Britney!  

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