Cardi B.

Bring a bucket and mop to see Cardi B's outfit for her new single "UP"

You will have to wipe your jaw off the floor after seeing the new video that rapper Cardi B just posted on her social media to promote her new single "UP" which will be released on February 5th. Scroll down to watch it and find out more.

  • Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar was born in Manhattan 28 years ago and has been sharing her eccentricities and sharp tongue with millions of followers on social media for more than 7 years.
  • Thanks to the visibility that she gained on social platforms like Instagram, in 2015 she jumped to the small screen when she was cast for two seasons of the VH1 program "Love and Hip Hop". 
  • After discovering her magnet for the public, she decided to launch herself as a solo rapper and scored her first basket with the mixtapes "Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1" and the rest is history.
"UP" promotional picture.

On the night of Monday, February 1st, we learned through Bardi's social media that she would be releasing a new single, called "UP" on February 5th.

Fans of the "Bodak Yellow" singer are eager to see this new musical work by the 28-year-old artist.

Since August 2020 we haven't seen her rap and drive the audience crazy with her bold lyrics and visuals.

"WAP" is the single she released with Meghan Thee Stallion that earned her an American Music Award for best rap song and a People's Choice Award for best collaboration.

WAP's back cover.

In addition to having been on everyone's lips for being a hymn to the female expression of desires and deepest fantasies.

It was about time that a woman dared to rap about this subject without shame and permission.

Being the single that follows such a popular song, everyone is expecting it to be a real bombshell.

It is rumored that even Nicky Minaj could be a collaboration for this musical work.

As always, Cardi did not disappoint with the cover of the single and it's pure fire.

Cardi B's "Press" cover picture.

Her little pink outfit with sparkles reveals the incredible body of Kulture's mother. As part of the promotion of her new song, Belcalis took to her Instagram account to show her outfit accompanied by movement, revealing in her caption that the small pieces of fabric were literally stuck to her skin.

The truth is that the confinement and the slowing down of the pace of life have done the singer of "WAP" phenomenal!

We are sure that we will see much more of this in the musical video for "UP" next Friday.

Stay tuned!

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