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Brazil: Covid-19 terrorizes Amazon communities

Covid-19 has taken over and spread throughout Brazil’s large cities but is infecting rural areas and small towns in the Amazon. President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticized world-wide for his negative to the virus and him mocking the disease. Read about it below

  • Since the outbreak, there has been a total of 1.41 Million confirmed infections and almost 60,000 deaths in the country, making it the worst case in South America. 
  • According to local and federal officials that the high number of cases appears to be inaccurate since Brazil has stopped testing their citizens for the virus.
  • His small neighbor, Uruguay, has fought the virus with great success. 

Main cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and capital Brasília have been hit hard but the small towns that are isolated to society rely on the Amazon River to survive on harvesting their crops and fishing. For them, social distancing is nearly impossible because of the housing situation. Most of these residents do not have access to phones, cellphones, and it could take over 2 days to be able to reach a health clinic.

Right-wing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro

Belem and Macapa are the two cities on the Amazon River that are now considered as coronavirus hotspots since April and the virus is still spreading, causing panic and death in these communities. For many of these residents, they have never had their first contact with a public health care system. Brazil’s Coronavirus cases have nearly doubled in 24hr and are now the 2nd highest after the United States. 

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