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Billie Eilish slaps her breasts and it goes viral!

Remember that time Grammy winner found a unique way to get her dog's attention by slapping her own breast and the video went viral? She shared the moment with her fans on her Instagram story. Don't miss the video below!

  • Billie Eilish is just 19 years old and one of the most recognized artists in the world.
  • She produces her music with her brother and last year, she became the director of her video clips. 
  • The singer loves sharing her funny moments with her fans and this time she went viral because of it. 

The viral video

Billie Eilish playing with her dog. Source: Instagram

The video is made of a sequence of three clips. In the first one she smacked her breast and her little dog immediately looked up at her worried while she laughed.

Billie Eilish playing with her dog. Source: Instagram

In the second video she did it again and her dog looked up at her perplexed and concerned again. On the third video, Billie told her followers that she was completely fine.

When you’ve got yiddies like this, nothing hurts

she said smacking herself again.

Fan's reaction

Billie Eilish playing with her dog. Source: Instagram

Her followers always laugh at her crazy ideas. The video went viral in social networks like Twitter with comments like:

Billie Eilish slapping her titties and her dog freaking out over the snacking sound is f*cking hilarious.

Our thoughts

Billie Eilish playing with her dog. Source: Instagram

At first, we were worried about the idea of Billie hitting herself because of her Tourette syndrome but then, we realized that she was just playing with her dog. We love when Eilish shares her craziest moments with us. Thank you, Billie! Watch the full video here:

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