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Billie Eilish shows her love for dogs in a new heartwarming post!

Fans love happy pics and Billie Eilish is lifting our spirits with a hilariously sweet Instagram story of her brother Finneas's pit bull. Scroll down as we reveal how the “Bad Guy” singer is planning to include Peaches barking on her much awaited new record!

  • Billie Eilish’s older brother Finneas and his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski have adopted a pit bull rescue dog and they called it Peaches.
  • Eilish adopted a grey pit bull puppy she was fostering during the quarantine, which she named Shark.
  • The 19-year-old has two dogs now. She grew up with her family dog called Pepper, the new puppy and she also has a rescue cat named Misha.
Peaches, Finneas O'Connell's pit bull dog.

Billie Eilish is an animal lover and while she is putting the finishing touches to her highly anticipated second album, recording at her brother's Finneas studio, the singer loves to takes funny pics of Peaches and share them with her followers on IG stories.  

Billie Eilish took a close up photo of Peaches pink nose!

Finneas's cute pit Peaches is a super energetic dog and needs plenty of exercise. The producer enjoys walking his dog around the hills of his neighborhood in Los Angeles. In fact, the siblings love to walk their pets together and they’re great company in the studio, wonderful and emotional inspiration for writing powerful songs.

Finneas posing with his dog Peaches

Eilish revealed that she finds happiness playing with her dog. On April 20th 2020, Billie adopted a grey pit bull puppy she was fostering during the lockdown at the beginning of the global pandemic, which she named Shark.

Billie Eilish taking a nap with her puppy Shark

“I am sitting here and napping with the ugly little dog. He is snoring and smells terrible.”

Billie Eilish's IG stories answering fan questions about her dog.

Her dog is so playful and is going through a rebellious phase, like most puppies. The pit bull swallowed an octopus toy and had to have surgery, but he is recovering well. Billie answered a fan who was worried about Shark and she said the puppy has been in the hospital twice from swallowing random sh*t!

Finneas's girlfriend Claudia Sulewski cuddling Peaches

Fans are gossiping that Peaches and Shark's doggy barks are going to be included in the new songs of the follow up of her debut album, 2019's “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Claudia spoiling her dog Peaches, caught in bed by Finneas!

However, Finneas said that as much as he loves to drop easter eggs into the tracks, he’s been cautious cause he doesn't want his music mixes to become a gimmick

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