Billie Eilish with her new blonde look

Billie Eilish goes blonde and breaks new Instagram record

Billie last Instagram post surpassed 1 million likes in less than 7 hours, making it the fastest photo to achieve that amount in the history of the social network. Check out the funniest reactions of the fans below!

  • Of course, not only did she broke the Instagram record, she became a trend on Google and Twitter.
  • She started teasing her fans uploading a story where she asked what color was she going to change her hair.
  • Most users thought it was going to be blue or red, but she surprised the world with blonde!
The picture that started the mistery

Who else but Billie was going to break this record? Social media specialists like Gonzalo Wynter, head of business for Spotlike, an influencer platform explained to us that Billie's networks might me even more powerful than Cristiano Ronaldo's, the soccer player that has the biggest fan followers on the platform, with 271 million followers.

She revealed her new hair color and left fans crazy

"Billie Eilish' engagement with her fans is something we've never seen before"

Apart from handling the publications herself and being totally authentic with her fans, she managed to create a loyal fan base that support her in ways like K-Pop fans from BTS and Blackpink play a vital role in their success in the music industry.

Billie recently shared a picture on her Instagram with her characteristic green and black hair

Her Twitter video was replicated millions of times, proving that it isn't a wig and that her style is fabulous

While most of the users loved it, there are still several that alleged she "looks like a different person" or "please go back to green". 
Twitter users had several opinions about the style
What do you think of her new style? Leave your comments below!

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