Billie Eilish looking serious Billie Eilish looking serious

Billie Eilish comes under fire for 'mocking Asian accents

Billie Eilish has been accused of using racial slurs and mocking the accents of Asian people.  A TikTok video shared by user @lcxvy on Monday compiles undated clips of the 19-year-old singer appearing to say the word 'ch*nk', an offensive slur referring to a person of Chinese descent. Watch the video below!

  • The singer is accused of mimicking an Asian accent and using the word 'ch*nk' in undated TikTok videos that resurfaced on Monday
  • The scandal comes just days after she was accused of 'queerbaiting' in her latest music video 
  • In her Lost Cause video, the singer, 19, frolics with her female pals at a party and puts on an animated display sticking out her tongue while they all pose  
  • A second clip shows Billie appearing to mock an Asian accent, while her brother Finneas later calls her out for speaking with a 'black accent'.  
  • It is not known when the clips were filmed or in what context.

Urban Dictionary defines queer baiting as:

'A marketing technique used to attract queer viewers that involves creating romantic or sexual tension between two same-sex characters but never making it canon or evolving on it' 

While may fans of the singer were left shocked by the footage, with some calling on her to be 'cancelled', others blamed the content on Billie having Tourette syndrome - which causes involuntary tics. 

Billie revealed in 2018 that she has the disorder, but said that she exhibits physical tics, not verbal.

Shocking: Fans were left outraged after witnessing the video

Shocked fans took to social media after the videos emerged to pen

 'wait billie eilish mocked asian people and it’s on video'; 'billie eilish mocking black and asian accents is so gross'; ' billie eilish has been racist to asians on multiple occasions (saying the c slur and mocking asian languages) but no one ever talks about it. 

Shocking: Fans were left outraged after witnessing the video

Another added:

'no longer fan of billie eilish after she mocked asians and there accents. shes so f****ed up , thats why so much asian hate if covid 19 hasnt made ppl nuts already ppl stil ldisrespect based on culture and ethnicity now'; ' I liked her [so much] I'm so disappointed'. 

Source: DailyMail

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