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Beyoncé's nephew leaked an intimate video of Skai Jackson

Social media exploded when a controversial video leaked involving Julez Smith, the son of singer Solange Knowles, and 19-year-old actress Skai Jackson and went viral. Watch the video below!  

  • Skai Jackson is a 19-year-old actress who rose to fame with Disney Channel's series Jessie and its sequel Bunkd 'in 2011 and 2015 respectively.
  • In addition to acting, the young artist published in 2019 the first book of her authorship called “Reach For The Skai: How To Inspire, Empower and Clap back”.
  • In 2020, she participated in the 29th edition of ABC 'Dancing With The Stars' and reached the semifinals of the contest.

It all started with the rumor that Julez and Skai were dating. In fact, it seems so, but not currently. A photo from presumably May 2020, appeared on Instagram in which the 18-year-old actress can be seen sitting on the shoulder of the 16-year-old.

Skai Jackson and Julez Smith.

When an internet user asked Julez if he was a friend of Skai, he was quick and forceful in answering "f**k No.”

Apparently the couple broke up and one of the parties feels quite hurt. Rumors say that the actress would have been unfaithful, but this is not confirmed.

Skai Jackson

Another thing we could see was a very intimate video circulating on the internet where you can see Jackson and Julez' hand caressing her intimate parts.

The intentional leak of such a video is something quite serious.

The controversy that was created from this video could end up in some type of legal claim or lawsuit against Beyoncé's nephew. 

In addition to the video and the picture, there are also screenshots of a supposed chat of Julez with a friend where he does not speak very well of the artist.

"Skai cheated", "I got her addicted to me and then I left her", were some of  Smith's statements.

The truth in all this is that they had a relationship at some point and the thing did not work out well.

Some Internet users allude to the fact that the press is giving importance to this video just because the person involved is famous, but the truth is that no one should be exposed publicly with a video that was recorded in the privacy of a couple.

On her part, the “Jessie” actress replied in a very subtle way through her Twitter account with the phrase

“the negative energy you put out, is the same energy you are putting on to yourself”.

24 hours after the controversy arose, Jackson posted another inspiring quote addressing the matter.

 While Skai feels love and faith can get her through anything, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have decided to turn off the tags and the comments on their Twitter accounts. According to an Internet user, Julez mother also deleted a photo of her and him from her Instagram account.
Looks like the situation is getting serious!
All this mess got us thinking how much do we really know about Skai Jackson?


Here are 5 fun facts about the actress that you probably didn't know

1) Skai started acting at the age of 3

The actress started out as a baby model and quickly landed a role in the 2007 independent film “Liberty Kid” where she played the role of Destiny.

2) Jackson likes showing off her natural hair

Skai with her natural hair.

Sometimes hair can be a cross for some girls, and they end up choosing to wear wigs all the time because it is easier to always stay beautiful.

In Skai's case, it is the opposite. Since she was little, her mother Kiya taught her that she should accept herself as she is and embrace it.

Skai Jackson.

That is why she takes care of her natural hair and wears it with great pride in every public presentation that she does.

Of course, from time to time she has put on a hairpiece, like all of us!

3) She is a huge Rihanna fan

Skai Jackson and Rihanna

Not only from Ri Ri's music but also from her Fenty brand.

In fact, the "Jessie" actress always carries in her purse the baby pink lipstick from the brand of the goddess of Barbados which she combines with all her outfits.

4) As a good millennial, Skai is addicted to her cell phone

Skai with her cell phone.

Having been born in 2002, it is logical that the artist grew up with a cell phone as an extension of her hand.

At age 10, she opened her Twitter and Instagram accounts to stay connected to her fans.

Recently she also started her YouTube channel where she shares with followers her makeup routines and other beauty hacks.

This is why Jackson always carries two cell phones and two portable chargers in her bag to be able to stay connected to the network at all times.

5) Her mother is her manager

Skai Jackson and her mother Kiya Cole

Skai grew up with her mother Kiya Cole in New York, and they have both been there to cover their backs at all times.

When the little girl began to take the first steps in the industry, her mother took care of everything for her so that she had the best contractual conditions.

Skai showing off her 19th birthday dress

So things continue to be like that and in fact, Kiya has done a great job with her daughter's career.

Jackson even has an inspirational book of her own, which she published in 2019 under the title “Reach For The Skai.” Do you feel that you already know her better? Leave us your comments.


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