Bam BAm from GOT7.

Bam Bam chats with his fans and becomes trending on Twitter

Just one day after JYP Entertainment announced that GOT7 would definitely leave the company, one of its most popular members decided to chat with fans on Twitter before going to bed, and netizens are still in shock. Read on for more details about this thread.

  • Kunpimook Bhuwakul also known as Bam Bam is a 23-year-old Thai singer currently based in South Korea.
  • The 7-member group GOT7 debuted in January 2014 under the management of JYP with their first album "Identify".
  • The band's last comeback was in April 2020 with the single "Dye".
  • GOT7's last presentation together was at the Golden Disc Awards were they won  "Best Album Bonsang".

A few days ago we found out that JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom decided not to renew their contract with their record label which ends on January 19th, after seven years.

Through a statement, the agency communicated that the parties had reached an amicable agreement on their separation from JYP and that they wish them the best.

The idols are apparently going to focus on their solo careers, but they have also sent a message to their fans of peace of mind, assuring that GOT7 is forever.

Maybe they'll make music together again.

Bam Bam, for his part, decided to communicate with his fans directly through Twitter on January 12th after posting a meme of him with cat ears and mugs with the slogan "chatting with fans before going to sleep."

Bam Bam's picture on Twitter.

Netizens were quick to interact with the 23-year-old idol, and the results were quite hilarious.

Here we leave you some comments and their answers translated into English.

"My God, Bam! You look a lot like my next boyfriend", to which Bam Bam replied, "boyfriend !! ????? No no .. husband"

Another follower commented, "Bam! What do you do before you go to sleep every night?"

Can you imagine the singer's response?

"probably close my eyes ". LOL

Is Bam Bam your Got7 bias? Do you think they will get together again in the future? While we wait for more news let's remember GOT/'s first music video.

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