Ghislaine Maxwell

Backlash for Ghislaine Maxwell: secret documents revealed

Never-before-seen documents that were hidden since 2015 were unsealed as part of the prosecution from the FBI against Ghislaine Maxwell. The shocking revelations from the monstrosities made involving minors and members of the British Royal family will certainly transform her sentence. Check them out below!

  • Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend is accused of having helped and facilitated minors assaults.
  • The now-unsealed documents reveal the pressure from British Prince Andrew to American authorities to make a deal with his disgraced financier friend.
  • His light sentence of 18 months in the year 2008 generated an outrage from the media and the victims, that criticized the legal system favoring the richest and powerful.

Even from death and from prison, these twisted minded people are still shocking. More and more secrets are revealed and who knows how many will keep undiscovered. After his suicide in jail, Jeffrey Epstein left millions of questions (and dollars) on Earth. Within the archives lies the testimony of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of the most active victims that told everything about the clothing-free parties Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein held on his private U.S. Virgin Island of Little St. James.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Through bribery, the financier made possible that his private jet arrived to the airport without registration of the passengers, that according to the victim aged between 15 and 21 years old. She also confirms being abused by the Prince when she was 17 minutes after this photo was taken:

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell

Other explicit photographs were found, including Maxwell, as well as contact sheets for the "models" that were flown to the island to participate in criminal acts.

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