BTS revealed 'Proof Live' BTS revealed 'Proof Live'

BTS revealed Proof Live as a surprise for their comeback, when will this mini-concert be?

BTS had some surprises on their comeback schedule and today we know it's 'Proof Live', a performance with a special guest

In BTS' activity schedule for 'Proof' there are some dates with '???' which are surprises for ARMY and the first one is this mini concert called 'Proof Live', when will it be?

BTS has a lot of surprises in store for their comeback. The long-awaited return of Bangtan with Korean music to the stage is days away and they are generating great expectations. This time it is an anthology, which is perfect to revisit the entire history of the idol group through their songs.

But 'Proof' will not only have the Bangtan Sonyeondan classics, it will also have 3 new songs that will let us see the strong present of the K-Pop group and we will also take a look at the future with these new tracks. It will be something very special for ARMY no matter how long each fan has been in the fandom.

So the Bangtan Boys comeback is coming to blow our heads. We have already been able to see the contrast that we will have in 'Proof', with its conceptual photographs. The songs that each member of the group chose in 'Proof Of Inspiration'. And more that is yet to be revealed.

'Proof' will also have a very special mini-concert, the idol group has announced a surprise that it had prepared for fans in its calendar of activities, what did BTS reveal today as part of their comeback?

BTS has announced 'Proof Live', a mini concert to celebrate their long-awaited comeback

BTS has just revealed that 'Proof Live' will be held on June 13, 2022, it seems that this will be the same recording of Bangtan's comeback show for MNet that would be broadcast on 'M! Countdown'. Proof Live will be held at the Jangchung Arena and there will be at least 4,000 people to watch it live.

Proof Live by BTS | Twitter: @charts_k

BTS also announced that there will be a 'special guest', which has not been revealed yet, will it be another HYBE group like TXT or ENHYPEN? We'll wait for more clues or until next Monday to find out what it was.

How to buy tickets for BTS Proof Live?

There will be no ticket sales for BTS's 'Proof Live', entrance to this mini-concert with pre-recording will be through a raffle on Weverse. The conditions to be able to participate are to have the Bangtan membership in the store and to have bought a set or standard edition of 'Proof' in it. You can participate until June 9 and on June 10 the winners will be announced.

ARMY will get to 'Proof Live' in a raffle | Twitter: @btsargento

We can not wait! We know that ARMY who can enter Proof Live will share little BTS spoilers (hehe) and that on Tuesday in the broadcast of M! Countdown we can see the result of this performance.

Keep reading more about BTS and Proof here we have everything about the project in which BTS collaborated with YouTube for this comeback. 

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