BTS at the 'Map of the Soul: Persona' press conference in 2019 BTS at the 'Map of the Soul: Persona' press conference in 2019

BTS plays 'Will it fit?' with Jimmy Fallon on his show

BTS returns to 'The Tonight Show' on July 24th to play an interesting game, 'Will it fit?' with Jimmy Fallon. The game shows the fun and cheerful side of the band as they compete against each other. Their fans enjoyed the show wholeheartedly and trended the hashtag '#BTSonFallon' on Twitter. Scroll down to find out if the K-pop band succeeded or not!

  • BTS released their third English single, 'Permission to Dance' on July 9th, 2021.
  • While promoting their song on Jimmy Fallon's show, RM revealed that the band member V sleeps with his eyes open.
  • In the game, V was able to fit more than 30 models in his pants.
BTS winning the 'Best Billboard singer' award

Fallon invited his favorite boy band, BTS on his show on July 24th to play a new game with them, 'Will it fit?'.

Jimin in the concept sketch of 'BE'

Jimin went first as he had to fit 33 sticks of butter in a fishbowl. The BTS singer did that in just one go and succeeded. Woah, anything is possible for Jimin!

J-Hope eating butter in 'Butter' music video

After him, J-Hope had to fit 91 ping pong balls in a Christmas stocking. It was so much fun to watch him doing this. He even accidentally knocked the ping pong ball, and they bounced everywhere. However, with the band members' help, he succeeded too. Well, J-Hope knows his way around! 

RM on the cover page of 'Rolling Stone' magazine

Then, RM proved himself by fitting 6 T-shirts on him. Honestly, I didn't think he will be able to pull this off, but he won!

Jungkook posing for 'FIla'

Followed by him, Jungkook fit 10 ice cream scoops in a small Taco shell. Well, he never disappoints.

Suga on the rooftop

Suga also made us proud by putting 18 candles on a tiny cupcake.

V dancing in 'Permission to Dance' music video
Jin in the concept skecth of 'Butter'

V and Jin also didn't come to let us down. Jin adjusted 19 bananas in a fanny pack and V put more than 30 figurines in his pants. 

BTS in the music video of 'Permission to Dance'

The members earned the victory like they always do! Did you enjoy the episode too? Let us know in the comments below, and check out BTS playing 'Will it fit?', if you haven't already!

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