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BTS member Jin opens up about his depression

A day before his birthday, BTS's oldest member Seokjin released his new song 'Abyss' for his fans. Not only this, but the singer also wrote a heartfelt letter to ARMYs (BTS fans), discussing his recent hardships and the reason for releasing this song. What happened for him to suddenly reveal his vulnerable side? Scroll down for more details!

  • Kim Seokjin, famously known as Jin, is a singer and member of K-pop band BTS.
  • The almost 28-year-old, 5'10'' singer was born on 4th December 1992.
  • He released 'Abyss' on 3rd December 2020 for his birthday.
  • A blog post related to the song was uploaded on BTS's official blog. Listen to the new track below:


What's the letter about?

Jin posing for a selfie. Source: BTS_twt via Twitter

It's the first time the oldest member has shown his most vulnerable side to the world. On the release of his incredibly personal song 'Abyss', Seokjin not only opened up about the events leading up to its release, but also regarding his recent troubles.

Jin's sincere words

The letter started off with the singer talking about how he's always been hesitant to show his sad side publicly. We always see him smiling, goofing around, and is even known as the funniest member! But Jinnie's smiling face has been hiding a different persona behind it.

BTS Jin wearing a mask. Source: Only Yoon

'I don't normally want to share it (sad feelings) with my actions, but I think it's okay to show it as music'. Abyss is a product of this thought process of his. Even though he doesn't share his sadness through his action or even his words, Jin chose to be vulnerable through his music.

Extreme burnout

Seokjin with one of his many awards. Source: BTS_twt via Twitter

Our worldwide handsome has been experiencing burnout lately, which was fueled by self-doubt on his part.

Even though topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart twice is a big feat, instead of celebrating, the oldest member had his reservations about whether he even deserves this or not. As an ARMY, I want to remind him that he not only deserves this, but much more too!

Treatment for this sadness

Thankfully, Jin sought therapy for these feelings of unworthiness and the most I can do is hope he gets over these unhealthy thoughts. ARMYs love our worldwide handsome, happy birthday to our Moon!

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