BTS's RM shares hilarious memes of his group members

BTS's RM shares hilarious memes of his group members

What works better than promoting the new phone you just got by sharing photos of it on Twitter? That's right, sharing your new meme wallpapers along with it. BTS' RM did just that, and fans are freaking out! Scroll down to see the new pictures shared exclusively from RM's phone.

  • Kim Namjoon, known as RM is the leader of BTS, the most successful K-pop boy group in the world
  • He's known for trolling his members because of their English as well as being a strict but fair and caring leader 
  • His second solo mixtape "Mono" just achieved its 19th kill on itunes. Congratulations!

The two tweets the entire BTS ARMY is talking about right now: On Tuesday, August 17th the hilarious Bangtan memes shared from Namjoon's personal phone gallery have caused a new Twitter storm, and we're loving the fan's reactions! 

First came Jimin, J-Hope, Jin and then his own picture, calling it "By popular demand" Later he shared meme pictures of Jungkook, V and Suga.

Check them out below.

A fan's reaction (Source: Twitter)

The BTS leader surely knows what ARMY's want to see while also promoting Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip3 phone at the same time. Who else wants one?

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