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BTS Jimin drops ‘Christmas Love’ with a sweet note for fans

Is Jimin the new Santa Claus? Because he sure is making us happy with his presents! Not only did he drop the best Christmas gift ever, but he also left a heartwarming note for his fans, Army. Curious to know more about it? Scroll down to find out and listen to it!  

  • On 24th December, Jimin released his second solo single called ‘Christmas Love’ as a gift for his fans.
  • The song touches upon themes such as nostalgia and one’s childhood. He beautifully executes those feelings through his perfect vocals.
  • The 25-year-old is one of the best vocalists of the million-dollar band, BTS, and has an incredible net worth of  $20 million

‘Christmas Love’ is just what we needed to complete our holiday season checklist! The song begins with Jimin’s sweet raspy voice singing the words “Christmas I love you. You’re the one”. We love Christmas too, Jimin! However, this festive song is not the end of this wonderful gift that we received. He also left a very sweet note for his fans to read, which said:

“Hello, ARMYs, this is Jimin. Have you received my Christmas present? I really wanted to have you hear this song and am very, very happy that I was able to do so. The reason that I’m visiting you like this is that I wanted to tell you a bit about the reason I decided to share this cheerful, upbeat song at this difficult time. As you can tell from the content of the song, I sang this song with emotion when I first saw snow falling in large flakes, which is my favorite memory from childhood, as far as I can remember. ”    

Awww how cute is Jimin for sharing a memory from his childhood with us? Watching snowflakes fall is indeed a mesmerizing sight to watch!

“As we grow up, I think we miss our childhood a lot. Whether or not it is due to the current situation, I felt like we remember our naive, innocent, pure selves and want to go back to the old days. Some sort of responsibility we get to have as we grow — I thought that responsibility might be what makes us be mature and also hide our emotions to some degree. But, I think we still have those emotions. So, for once, what won’t we express such emotions even if it’s childish? I thought it’d be good to make today the day. You all deserve to be always loved. So, rather than calling it cringey, although it might be a bit embarrassing to express, I hope we can make a situation that everyone can enjoy together. The song lacks a lot, compared to my grandiose intention, but my only desire with which I worked hard to make this song is that I wish you all are happy. I hope you can return to the past that you reminisce about for a moment after listening to this song.”

Jimin’s ability to express his feelings so sincerely, even if he is feeling embarrassed, is inspiring. This note might seem a small feat, but words have incredible healing power and Jimin’s words definitely do

Thank you, Jimin for being the source of comfort we all badly need right now. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and it is the little things like this that keep us going. We are really touched by this extremely sweet gesture of his! If you haven’t listened to ‘Christmas Love’ yet, then stop wasting time and click on the video below! 

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