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'Butter' vs. 'Ice Cream': Which K-Pop song is better?

BTS and Blackpink both broke records with their hit singles 'Butter' and 'Ice Cream', but are you curious who did better? Both K-pop groups have secured a die-hard, worldwide fandom that wholeheartedly expresses the love for their music. However, between ‘Butter’ and ‘Ice Cream’, which single was more loved? Watch the video below!

  • BTS is a 7 member, South Korean boy band with an official leader by the name of RM. Blackpink is a 4 member, South Korean girl band with no official leader.
  • The boy band is a part of Big Hit Entertainment and the girl group is a part of YG Entertainment.
  • BTS's net worth is over $100 million while Blackpink’s is $34 million.


BTS’ new catchy release, ‘Butter’, reminds you of the iconic Blackpink song, ‘Ice Cream’.

Blackpink (top), BTS (bottom)

Dynamite’ is the incredibly talented boy band’s first song fully recorded in English. 'Butter' is the second one. On the other hand, Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ is mostly in English as well except for a Korean rap verse by Lisa Manoban

BTS member, J-Hope flaunting blonde hair while eating butter for the song's music video

If we look at the views the two songs bagged in the first 24 hours of their release, BTS is ahead in the race of having the better song. ‘Butter’ scored a whopping 113 million views while ‘Ice Cream’ garnered 79.08 million views within 24 hours. However, despite the difference in views, both songs are incredibly eye-pleasing with vibrant music videos. The two songs succeed in injecting you with instant energy!

' Ice Cream' music video of Blackpink ft. Selena Gomez

I certainly think ‘Butter’ has become this summer's anthem by making us unable to resist dancing to the tune and letting loose! In contrast, ‘Ice Cream’, is like a never-ending sugar rush. It's sweet yet catchy enough to find yourselves randomly humming to its tune. 

BTS members suited up for 'Butter' music video

What makes both songs stand out is the numerous catchy phrases you get hooked on. For me, the most catchy yet crisp lyrics were 'smooth like butter, pull you in like no other'. These lyrics specifically pulled me in by getting stuck in my head. Which part of the song was your favorite?

The 'Army' pose in 'Butter' music video

One thing we can all agree on is that when BTS gives a token of appreciation to their fandom, 'Army', it increases engagement and recognition between the two. This in turn lends them more reactions and garners their songs more views.

In the 'Butter' music video, RM sings, 'got the army right behind us when we say so' while the group simultaneously creates the letters for 'Army' with their leader in between. This act of appreciation really made fans feel they deserve way more love than they are given.

BTS members in a 'Butter' press shoot

Did you know both songs have lyrics in common? Both mention 'ice on my wrist'. In 'Ice Cream', Jennie's rap includes, 'ice on my wrist say how you like this' and in 'Butter', Suga's rap includes, 'no ice on my wrist I’m that nice guy'.

In all, both songs make you feel summer ready, so they definitely fulfilled their purpose! Comment below which of the two songs you like more!

Watch a reaction video of BTS 'Butter' music video below!

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