BTS performing at Time's Square for 2020 New Year's celebration

Army fans discover a Twitter failure that affects BTS!

A new Twitter update has changed the way you retweet other people's tweets. Because of this, BTS's fan base has started to notice a change in the way they retweet. See the hilarious difference below!

  • 7-member band BTS debuted in 2013 under BigHit Entertainment.
  • BTS are officially on Twitter under the username BTS_twt.
  • The band currently has 37 million followers, making them the most followed K-pop artist on the app!
Twitter Support talking about the new version. Source: Twitter

What was the update?

An update on 20 October 2020 changed the retweet process on Twitter. This means, whenever you try to retweet a tweet, you'll be directed to quote it instead of giving the option to retweet it either with the quote or without. While the simple option isn't discontinued, BTS just can't seem to find it!

How ARMYs found out

Lately, fans have noticed that the group has stopped retweeting tweets without any quote. Every single retweet on their account BTS_twt has a quote- be it emojis, or a short text.

This might be normal to some, but to ARMYs who know BTS members to usually retweet media without adding any quotes, this was a hilarious realization!

BTS V being shy during a fansign. Source: blacktaetae

Helping BTS

To help their tech-illiterate idols, fans started posting tutorials on how to retweet normally in reply to any quote retweet they posted. See this example below:

I can't help but coo at how cute they are! Maybe Twitter should take this as a hint and not make any unnecessary changes (go back to the old version, BTS is confused).

I can't decide whether to laugh at them or cry at how adorable they are! What do you think? Comment your opinion below!

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