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And the winner is: Schitt's Creek Outstanding Comedy Series!

The big winner from the night is there. 7 Emmys! Schitt's Creek, the funny multi-millionaire family that gets all their assets frozen and goes to live in a town that they bought as a joke has made it! Created by comedians father and son Eugene and Daniel Levy, their acceptance speech was full of surprises and political statements. Watch more below!

  • The series first aired on CBC (Canda) in 2015 and 80 episodes later ended in 2020.
  • Eugene Levy thought with his son a hypothetical situation about what would happen to wealthy families if they had all their money stripped. 
  • They received several nominations breaking records like being the first Canadian comedy to be nominated for the Critics Choice Television Award.


Picture this: You are with your dad, who happens to have played one of the most epic "parent" movie roles of all times in American Pie, and you start laughing about stuff that might happen.

Now, imagine that you and your dad are both artists, geniuses and creative performers. What do you do? Start typing on the computer before you forget everything.

And 6 years later, you win an Emmy. Ok not only one, but seven!  What an honor right? 

These are the prizes they won:
1) Outstanding lead actress in a comedy series: Catherine O'Hara
2) Outstanding lead actor in a comedy series: Eugene Levy
3) Outstanding writing for a comedy series: Daniel Levy
4) Outstanding directing for a comedy series: Andrew Cividino and Daniel Levy
5) Outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series: Daniel Levy
6) Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series:Annie Murphy
7) Outstanding comedy series: Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek stars: Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, Eugene and Daniel Levy.

The origins of this show are the perfect picture that having a good idea is not everything, you need to fight for it. Let's remember that they presented the idea and several American channels rejected it. Persevere and you will succeed!

P.S. Daniel Levy rocked an incredible skirt! What a style!

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