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American rapper Lil Marlo was killed in his car in Atlanta

The young musician was killed on a highway while driving his car. His record label, Quality Control Music announced his death in an emotional social media post. Read more to see what happened. 

  • The police is investigating his death and all the evidence suggests it was a homicide. 
  • After analyzing the body and the crime scene, authorities think it was a targeted incident. 
  • Lil Marlo (Rudolph Johnson) was only 30 years old, and he had a promising career in hip hop. 
Lil Marlo. Source: WireImage/PrinceWilliams

Police found Lil Marlo with a gunshot wound inside his car in the I-285 highway. 

Here is the post his manager Kevin "Coach K" Lee posted in the label social media:

The singer became famous 3 years ago when hi did a collaboration with his rapper friend Lil Baby in the song "2 The Hard Way". He had been working in new songs and projects with other known artists of the genre like Gucci Mane and Future. 

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