Ashley Tisdale and her husband Christopher French

American actress Ashley Tisdale is having a baby!

The Disney prodigy is now 35-years-old and has announced her pregnancy in an emotional Instagram post. She is expecting her first child alongside husband Christopher French, the famous music producer. Check the incredible photo below.  

  • Ashley became famous after participating in the TV series 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' in 2005.
  • Later in 2006 she played the role of Sharpay Evans in the movie 'High School Musical'.
  • Thanks to her work as a model, singer and actress her net worth is $10 million.

What other way of presenting your pregnancy to the world (and 12.8 million Instagram followers) than posting an emotional picture of yourself, dressed in white,  alongside your beautiful husband showing your belly bump?

The actress immediately received over 1.5 million likes in 5 hours and the support of her famous friends & colleagues like Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Ashley Tisdale and Kaley Cuoco.

The love she received from her colleagues

No caption was included (or needed). The actress has been working lately on the CBS series "Carol Second Act" and even appeared on Netflix with "Merry Happy Whatever".

Ashley and Zac Efron during "High School Musical". Source: Getty

35 might seem 'old', specially to Hollywood, but she stated last year that she wasn't in a hurry. After spending with her love so much time during quarantine, one thing led to another and bam, baby on its way. Ashley is another of many celebrity boom this year!

Celebrities took some time from traveling, throwing concerts, touring and took care of their intimate business! We love it! 

Check out the latest lyric video of the singer on YouTube "Lemons":

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