Statue of liberty

Amazing video where lightning strikes the Statue of Liberty

Italian Photographer Mike Calabrese lives on Staten Island, New York and captured the amazing moment during the storms that have been hitting the east coast in the last few days. Watch this surprising video!

  • The National Hurricane Center reported that rains and storms will continue.
  • Clip was filmed from a dock in Ellis Island.
  • The lighting hit the statue 3 times in 20 seconds.

The video has been getting millions of views and it is the best footage of a lighting ever registered on that area.


These storms are due to the famous Tropical Depression "Eight" (Tropical Storm) and it started in Mexico and then moved to the United States. This is the fourth tropical storm of the season, according to NHC Miami.

Winds of over 80 miles per hour (ca. 129 km/h) were registered. The hurricane season has started and hurricane Douglas is expected on the West Coast.

Hurricane Douglas. Source: Especial

What else do we need in 2020?

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