Aliens could have visited Earth, according to new evidence

The newspaper New York Times reported a story about how aliens could have on Earth. Apparently, U.S. authorities have been hiding that information for years. Read more about this story below.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Not that long ago, the Pentagon officially released never-before seen UFOs videos.
  • In Miami, the Police Department received reports of “Floating alien like saucers” on the Miami Beach Bay Area

The Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said: “We take all threats seriously to our people, our assets, and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed”.

An astrophysicist called Eric Davies from the UFO division of the U.S. government stated that in some cases, the materials that the government gathered over the years couldn't be identified. After years of research, Davies concluded that the pieces they examined were "not made on this planet".

UFO´s spotted over Miami

Former senator Harry Reid is also certain that the government hides the discoveries in agreement with some private sector companies dedicated to outer space exploration.
Nobody can yet confirm if aliens are real, but the idea of having divisions that are top secret, like the movie Men In Black, is for sure interesting!

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