Aespa at The Show.

Aespa girls have already won their first award as "Best New Artist"

The MYs must be extremely happy that Karina, Giselle, Ning Ning, and Winter have won their first award for the Best New Overseas Artist within just a month of their release. Keep reading, and we will tell you all the details about this thread.

  • Aespa is a four-member K-pop group that was formed by SM Entertainment  and released on November 17th, 2020.
  • The new girl group debuted with the song and accompanying music video “Black Mamba” becoming the first rookie group to reach 80 million views on YouTube in just 25 days.
  • The company founded by Lee Soo Man has bet heavily on this new group, presenting it with an innovative concept that aims to introduce augmented reality through avatars to promote better interaction between fans and idols.
Aespa taking a selfie for the fans.

Aespa has built up a very strong fandom that works hard to get the best results for the four girls.

This female group has a special characteristic, and it is made up of members of three different nationalities.

Karina and Winter are the representatives from Korea, while Giselle comes from Japan and Ning Ning from China.

This is a very smart strategy on the part of the entertainment company SM since in this way they ensure the support of the group abroad and in markets that are really difficult despite their proximity for political reasons.

The first prize of the Aespa girls comes precisely from China.

On December 27th, the 2020 Chinese Asian Pop Music Awards were held virtually and Aespa was chosen as the best new foreign group.

Aespa is also waiting for the Seoul Music Awards in January 2021 to see if they will win the Rookie of the Year statuette and/or the Popularity Award(they are nominated in both categories).

Aespa at SBS Song Festival in Daegu.

It's incredible that with just one song on the market and barely a month and a half in the K-Pop industry Karina, Ning Ning, Giselle and Winter have achieved so much notoriety and are integrating the lineups of the most important song festivals of the genre,

like the SBS Daegu's Song Festival that was held the day before Christmas.

From Yaay we want to congratulate Aespa and the MYs for this first victory of many to come!

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