Salma Hayek in Bikini Salma Hayek in Bikini

Some of the best bikini pictures of Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of our favorite celebrities of all time with her radiant beauty. Has she discovered a magic potion of eternal youth? If you don’t believe us, take a look below as we reveal the amazing throwback images she posted.  But, she looks exactly the same today as two decades ago, you must be thinking. What a glamorous way to say goodbye to the summer!

  • Salma Hayek was born and raised in Mexico. However, her father is Lebanese and her mother is Spanish. 
  • She’s fluent in four different languages: Spanish, English, Arabic and Portuguese
  • In her young years, modeled for Chopard, a luxury Swiss jewelry manufacturer. She also starred in Campari adverts. She was a spokeswoman for Revlon and Avon cosmetics.

The Mexican star shared on her Instagram page, where she has a huge following of adoring fans, a couple of photos from a European H&M advertising campaign she did more than 20 years ago.  The images attracted special attention because Salma, who was then about 33 years old, modeled a spectacular chocolate brown bikini and a stylish haircut.

The Latin diva said that early in her career she received advice to save her money because everything would be over for her when she turned 30 years old. But they also told her that she would never get a job in Hollywood because she was Mexican and she had an accent. Look at her successful career. Actress. Model. Humanitarian campaigner.  Now she is 54 years old and is working harder than ever before!

Salma Hayek - Source: Twitter

The "Frida" star believes that the best characters to play in the movies are mature women. As an actress, the roles are more interesting and she can show she is not only a pretty face. She is a confident woman who doesn’t worry about the passage of time. She is happy and grateful for her natural good looks and her physical appearance. She still has a stunning figure and even when the decades have passed, Salma is still one of the most popular Latin stars in the movie industry.

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