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Actor Dwayne Johnson tests positive for Covid-19

The Rock recently revealed that he along with his wife and children, has been battling with Coronavirus. The former wrestler posted a video on Instagram in which he shared his experience. He also advised his followers to take necessary precautions to help fight the deadly disease. Read below to find out more!

• The 48-year-old actor assured that he and his family are much better now.
• Although he and his wife, Lauren’s condition got a little serious his daughters only had mild symptoms.
• According to The Rock, this was the most difficult thing all of them had to endure but they got through.

After fighting the virus for 3 weeks, Johnson claims that he and his family are no longer infected. He believes that their commitment to health and wellness has helped them combat the illness. Though they have all bounced back, Dwayne still wishes that he was the only one who had tested positive. However, he now counts his blessings and is extremely grateful that his loved ones have fully recovered.

Dwayne and his wife, Lauren Hashian. Source: Getty

The ‘Baywatch’ movie star further revealed that he contracted the virus through his close friends. He made an excellent point by saying that one can transfer the disease to their loved ones without even knowing it. So it’s important to be disciplined when it comes to quarantine for the sake of all human beings. The actor also paid great emphasis on boosting the immune system and wearing a mask.

It’s hard to believe that someone as tough as Dwayne Johnson, had a rough go while fighting the virus. Despite his net-worth of $320 million, he weighs his family’s health way more than money. He wouldn’t feel as sad for losing his money as he does for infecting his children. However, it is an important lesson for everyone to religiously practice social distancing till a vaccine becomes available!

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