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A new BTS song? Dynamite's producer surprising revelation!

Are you ready to light it up like Dynamite in 2021? The co-writer, David Stewart has teased a new song for BTS, and we can't wait to listen to it already. Want to know what he said? Then scroll down to read about it! 

BTS dancing to 'Dynamite'

BTS released their first-ever English single 'Dynamite' in August 2020. Amidst the Covid-19 crises, this song was a breath of fresh air. Seems like we are getting a next 'Dynamite' in 2021.

Talking to the Rolling Stone, Stewart revealed that he wrote 'Dynamite' twelve years ago when he didn't own a proper studio.

I didn’t do it in the flashy studio with a big console. This is 12 years in the making, me in my bedroom just working.

Major hits always arise from small studios!

Agombar and Stewart

For BTS, he and the co-writer Agombar did some minor tweaks and this way the final version of the song came into being. 

We changed four or five little bits — a few of the lines were maybe not something that would make sense for BTS to say.

Well, the writing does feel like BTS' other songs. The writers have done a great job!

BTS performing 'Dynmaite'

On January 7, 2021, the songwriter went to the Twitter and dropped a spoiler for a new song. Woah, that's super exciting to know. Another funky-fun song to vibe to!

David Stewart's tweet

Obviously just like us, fans cannot ignore this major hint and showed their desperate reaction.

Fan's reaction tweet
Fan's reaction tweet
Fan's reaction tweet

We, too, can't wait for the further news about the song. Will it be a part of BTS' new album? Or the band plans on dropping another single? All these questions are arising in our minds. There are some speculations for their comeback in the second quarter of the year too. So much to look forward to!

We hope we get to hear the song soon, and wish that it becomes a big hit too!

BTS cutely looking at the camera

What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments down below and don't forget to light up your mood with the power-packed Dynamite's dance moves!

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