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7 signs of a toxic marriage

Fights in a marriage are completely normal. But when does it become toxic? 2021 has been a celebrity marriage crisis year! From Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott and now Bill and Melinda Gates, it's been a rollercoaster. What happened? We show you how to identify toxic signs and be aware of what's happening! Check the following video out! 

  • In the video we've listed 7 signs that indicate you're in a toxic marriage.
  • Be aware of these signs. Try to distinguish if your relationship can be salvaged or if it's time to leave.
  • Sometimes violence can occur without people even noticing, like the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

1.  Jealousy

Kim and Kanye crying. Source: CPR/DSanchez/BACKGRID
This behavior ranges from not letting you out in a certain way to jealousy attacks. Dysfunctional relationships can be difficult. Couples may try counseling or therapy, but jealousy is a sign that each person needs to work out for themselves.

2. Lack of affection

Melinda and Bill Gates have filed for divorce after 27 years. Source: Getty
 Intimate moments are not frequent. After several years, the 'magic' can be lost, don't take it as normal! There is no age for the spark revival!

3. Long periods of silence

Jada Smith revealed she had an affair with rapper August Alcina
Communication is key to every relationship. Talk about your problems, your wrongdoings and your expectations. Don't wait, otherwise it can blow up, just like it happened with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

4. The fights end worse than they started

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas broke up after a few months of dating.
When you end up fighting for a completely different topic from the one that started the fight, it's a big sign that something is off. Don't avoid the elephant of the room! 

5. Important topics are avoided

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard when they were together. Source: Reuters
How common is to talk about what you guys are going to eat instead of something you both are uncomfortable with like your partner's noxious friends? This is a clear toxic sign that he/she doesn't want to improve the situation!

6. You have different values

Jeff Bezos had a 150 billion divorce with his wife Mackenzie Scott. Source: Getty
You don't value time the same way as your partner, he/she feels that some aspects might be more important than what you think, for example money, family and friends.

7. You feel better being alone 

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez broke up after their engagement. Source: Getty

When you value the time you are alone more than the time you spend with your loved one, then you should start asking yourself if anything is wrong. Think about what you want and what's important for you. Life is short. Don't spend it with someone toxic!

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