woman protesting against racism

5 rights you need to know if you are going to protest against racism

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a nonprofit organization with offices in New York that works to protect individual rights and liberties. It has gain attention due to George Floyd’s protests against racism. Here is a video with the most important rights you have and need to know if you choose to go to demonstrations.

By  Kelsey Miller
1. If policemen stop you, the first you need to ask is if you are free to go. Walk away if they say yes.
2. Video recording is not interfering if its being done from a certain distance.
3. Without a warrant, you don't need to give authorities your cellphone.
4. The first thing to ask if you get arrested is if you can talk to your lawyer. Nothing else.
5. Don't sign anything without your attorney being present.

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