40-year-old singer Kelly Rowland is pregnant once again!

40-year-old singer Kelly Rowland is pregnant once again!

Destiny's Child former singer revealed in the new issue of Women's Health that she and Tim Weatherspoon, her husband, are expecting their second baby! Nobody predicted such a wonderful piece of news but scroll down and find out more about the Grammy Winner' lovely belly.

  • Kelly Rowland was born in Atlanta, Gerogia, on February 11, 1981.
  • Beyonce's friend was Destiny's Child voice, until in 2002 when she started as a solo artist with her album "Simply Deep".
  • The coach from "The Voice Australia" married Tim Weatherspoon in May 2014, in Costa Rica. Titan (5) is their first son.
  • Rowland is one of the coaches in the famous TV show "The voice Australia".
The pregnant photoshoot of Kelly. Source: Womens Health/ DJENEBA ADUAYOM

Who said having a baby at 40 is impossible? Kelly Rowland announced in the new issue of Women's Health she is pregnant with her second baby. 

She explained she and her husband were just talking about it and decided to go for their dream of giving Titan a brother or sister regardless of when could it be.

Kelly with her son Titan

People tend to think that getting pregnant at that point of life is terribly hard, but, guess what? Not for everybody! She got pregnant right away!

Destiny's Child singer said "I'm knocking at 40s door in February' and they are incredibly happy to be able to finally share this wonderful news with us!

Weatherspoon's wife also claimed that she is taking care of her body. She has always taken care of her image, even when pregnant of her first son. She is a nuts and seeds lover! Yummy!

Fans, don't worry! Be happy with the news! Rowland knows you wanted a new album so much she is even at this moment of her life thinking about you. She'll try and do both! Applause for Kelly! At Yaay we celebrate this wonderful news! 

Want to watch the famous Destiny's Child song "Survivor" again? Click below!

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