Jimin in BTS' music video for 'Idol' Jimin in BTS' music video for 'Idol'

4 cute habits of Jimin no one is aware of

Jimin is extremely attractive on stage, but when he's not performing, the 5' 8" singer has some very cute habits. From the way he stands to how he pouts, we've noted down four of his most secret lovable habits. Check them out below!

  • Jimin has a net worth of $20 million.
  • The star has four hidden tattoos that fans have only caught glimpses of.
  • He is close friends with Kai from EXO and Taemin from SHINee.

1) His eyes disappear when he laughs

Jimin's eyes close because he's laughing

Jimin is one of those people who can never fake a smile. Why? Because whenever he’s genuinely happy, it shows on his face. His eyes close almost completely whenever he’s laughing. In episode 54 of ‘Run BTS! 2018’ the singer even joked about this, telling the other members to stop making him laugh because he can’t see anything. All fans agree that this habit makes him even more adorable.

2) He runs his hands through his hair

Jimin onstage at the WINGS Tour in Osaka, Japan

On stage, off-stage, during live broadcasts, during vlogs: no matter where he is, Jimin can’t keep his hands away from his hair. At this point, it’s almost a subconscious habit because he doesn’t even realize when he’s brushing back his beautiful locks. And BTS members don’t miss any chance to tease him about it. Jungkook especially loves imitating him constantly.

3) He stands with his heels joined

BTS at the Billboard Music Award 2017 - notice how Jimin's heels are pressed together.

Even the way Jimin stands is unique. Unlike other people who stand with their feet apart, Jimin always keeps his heels together. This is an old habit from his days as a modern dancer. Isn’t he the most graceful?

4) He pouts all the time

Jimin at a fan-meet event in 2017

Even though he’s cute all the time, Jimin has another secret tactic up his sleeve that makes him so charming. He pouts his full lips whenever he's thinking, or is happy, or is sad (or sometimes for no reason at all). Fans say he is absolutely lovely.

Which of these habits of Jimin do you think is the cutest? Comment down below! And if you liked this article, you should definitely check out this video:

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