Brad Pitt had a  married girlfriend Nicole Porturalski Brad Pitt had a  married girlfriend Nicole Porturalski

3 celebrity couples that have an open relationship

Nowadays different kinds of relations are way more accepted than years ago. From polyamory to other new forms of loving, many couples are experiencing their perfect way of being happy together. Celebrities are not the exception, and some of them like Brad Pitt and Will Smith have an open relationship with their partners. Scroll on to see some!

  • Open relationships are the ones in which both partners agree that can be intimate with other people.
  • One research by Bergham and Strand of 1092 people in open marriages showed that from 80-90% of them were happier after engaging in the swinging lifestyle. 
  • Brad Pitt and his new married girlfriend, german model Nicole Porturalski are now the most mentioned open couple.

Brad Pitt and Nicole Porturalski

The German model and the famous actor apparently found each other last summer in Berlin. They met at the Borchardt restaurant which is owned by Roland Mary. He is a 41 years old businessman that has an open marriage and a 7 years old son with the fashion star.

Roland is a very philosophical person. He has been married many times and has five children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy ” 

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Will and Jada Pinket Smith. Source: Getty

Since they get married in 1997 there have been rumors about their relationship.

"Will and I both can do whatever we want because we trust each other to do so"

explained Jada on her Facebook. Anyway, this past June, everything got darker when rapper August Alsina confessed that he had something with the wife of the actor while she was married. Jada at first denied it but ended up confirming it days later. 


Mo’Nique y Sidney Hicks

The protagonist of the film Precious and the producer have an open marriage and no problems talking about it. She said once that the idea of opening the relationship was her's from the beginning.

"We have an agreement that we will always be honest, and that if we have intimate relationships with another person it's not a decisive factor to leave it",

said Mo'Nique to The New York Times in 2007. Also, Sidney said that both want to allow the other to be who they are. What a nice agreement! 

Definitely, open relationships have never been more mainstream than today! It's great to see how many couples are now happier by doing this.
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