Squirrels in Santa Monica, California, take over the town

Covid-19 isn’t the only thing that is spreading this year, apparently wildlife too! Check out the astonishing situation that happened in Los Angeles below. 

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Animals got to rumble through empty cities, and they had time to develop, to have fun and to reproduce themselves. 
  • Astonishing stories were documented worldwide including this where apparently dolphins appeared in Venice, Italy.
Santa Monica beach, California

Ever since lockdown, human’s have been forced to stay at home and social distance from public places like the beach, parks, even the streets. Since there’s been less human activity wild animals have been roaming into cities, we wonder if they think humans got extinct?

In Santa Monica, California a huge group of wild squirrels have been taking over the city, and they are going absolutely nuts! They appeared to have taken over the parks, where, after getting back to the "new normal", they are still living there. Other animals have been spotted around the world due to the lack of human activity, like wild pigs, goats and even leopards! These guys really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

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