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Shocking video of crocodile hitting kayak in North Carolina

This happened a few days ago in the Waccamaw River in North Carolina. The video has been already seen over 1.400.000 times and made the news outlets around the world. Kayak fan Peter Joyce was paddling alone when a crocodile hit him and made him fell in the water. Watch the shocking video below.

  • Pete is a firefighter and paramedic and has experience in extreme situations.
  • These one, he will never forget.
  • He declared "they normally don't mess with you, but the mating season is really dangerous because they are nervous".

He had a GoPro camera on his helmet that recorded everything, even his accelerated breathing when it was happening. Out of nowhere, in the middle of a very calm section of the river, a crocodile attacked him, luckily without his jaws opened.

The hit knocked the firefighter down, but he managed to regain his balance with the help of a tree. After the hit, he turned back and started paddling fast where he came. "It could have been much worse" he said. If he had stayed underwater for a longer time, he couldn't be telling this story probably. Luckily, he is safe, and the video is a reminder of how dangerous mother nature can be.

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