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Viral video: trained killer eagles kill pigeons in the city

In Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, that small country in South America between Argentina and Brazil, some neighbors had to hire professional trained eagles to get rid of a bird problem that is so big that it has been declared as a national plague. Check out the video to see how the eagles' solution worked.   

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Uruguay is known for marijuana and abortion legalization and for having the worlds first surfer president.
  • The country has been chosen by Apple and Google to implement COVID-19 Exposure Notification API.
  • In the wealthy neighborhood of Punta Carretas, in the capital Montevideo, one old lady pigeon lover and has become the center of the drama.
  • The problem? After years of feeding pigeons, there is now more than 200 pigeons that live in the roof of her place and constantly defecate on the street, the cars and the clothes that the neighbors leave outside to dry.
  • Tired of the lack of alternatives from the government, they came up with an original solution.
  • Pigeons are considered a pest in Uruguay and it's allowed to kill them. These birds feed on garbage, they have many diseases and excrement destroys surfaces such as metals and wood.


In the public hospital of Pereira Rossell, in the city center, there has been cases of illnesses related to pigeon droppings like salmonella (bacterial infection) and psittacosis (comes from the fungus that pigeons leave when defecating). Doctor Andres Schreiber told Yaay that these birds are a serious problem in the country and due to scarce economic resources it's difficult to deal with. 

Trained eagles are also used in the military to clear potential animal threats

The neighbors of the block got tired after calling more than 50 times to town hall, policemen, firefighters and animal associations to complain about the problem.

They decided to hire professional trained eagles to hunt the pigeons down and one neighbor got the eagles on video from his room.

These animals are used also in the Uruguay International Airport of Carrasco, named the 2nd most beautiful airport in the world by Jonathan Glancey, renowned architect and critic for the BBC in England.

Carrasco International Airport. Source: Aeropuerto de Carrasco / Facebook

The eagles fly around the airport perimeters in order to hunt pigeons, foxes, and wild dogs that could be around the area.

The country lives mainly from selling cattle and grains. Pigeons are a serious treat as they eat the seeds.

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