Dead Elephant in Botswana

More than 300 elephants died in Botswana for strange reasons

There are several natural reserves in the country dedicated to the preservation of wild animals. Most of them, like lions, rhinos and elephants are in danger of extinction. Scientific community is in shock due to the death of over 350 elephants near the Okavango Delta River. There are several theories behind the tragic deaths, and the most alarming is that it could be another potential virus that could hit the human population. Read more below for more information!

  • Dr. Niall McCann, biologist, member of the English nonprofit National Park Rescue and TV personality of the show Biggest and Baddest, said to the BBC that no one knows why are the elephants dying. 
  • They are not ruling out poisoning, but the weird aspect is, that they only found elephants dying and not other species. 

Because of the way the animal bodies were found, researchers suppose it could be something affecting the brain of the elephants. The worst case scenario? A virus coming from the water sources, that could affect the human population as fast as the COVID-19, that also originated in animals. 

Dr. McCann with an elephant. Source: Credit Andy Dittrich/Wild Planet Productions

Dr Cyril Taolo, the director for the country’s Wildlife Department, stated that they are going to wait on the lab results to start ruling out possible theories. 

Dead elephant. Source: McCann / Twitter
Dead Elephant in Botswana. Source: BBC

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