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Blind puppy is every children’s hero

Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro offered to foster the dachshund-Chihuahua mix called Piglet. He's living proof that you can succeed in life no matter how hard the struggle. He became so famous, that people are talking about a "Piglet Mindset". This story is being used already for educational purposes in schools.  

  • Piglet was born blind and deaf, and he survived despite all odds. Normally, this types of dogs can't survive without seeing or hearing.
  • He was born in a dog shelter in Georgia, alongside with other 40 other puppies.
  • Shapiro opened an Instagram account where she tells everything about what happens with Piglet, and she has more than 200.000 followers!
Piglet as a grown dog adult. Source: @pinkpigletpuppy / Instagram

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