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5 health benefits of having a dog

They're said to be a man's best friend. And it doesn't matter the breed. Having dogs can be super fun but also beneficial for your well-being. Check out this video to learn more!

1. They can improve cardiovascular problems. A study shows that heart attack patients have a higher survival rate if they own a dog.
2. A study shows they make you more social, confident and empathetic.
3. Petting a dog can immediately calm you down by relaxing muscle tension.
4. Dogs can be trained to detect certain cancers, warn diabetics when their blood sugar is low and even be trained to detect the slightest hint of peanuts in case of allergies.
5. Studies prove that dog owners are in better shape than those who don't have dogs. The study show that dog owners walk in average 300 min per week while non dog owners walk just 168.

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