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5 health benefits of having a cat

Cats are animals full of symbolism. In some cultures there is a popular belief that black cats are bad luck. This is because they are associated with demons and witches. Other cultures believe they bring good fortune. In Egypt, they are considered magical creatures and worshiped as deities.

By  Charles Lorenz
1. They can lower risk of heart disease. Having a cat lowers stress levels which help improve heart health.
2. They reduce stress and anxiety. Study shows that being around a cat makes you release calming chemicals
3. Their purring can heal bones and muscles. The purring creates high frequency vibrations that have been proven to help after injuries.
4. They're great if you have kids. A study shows that children under 1 year old that are exposed to a cat develop fewer allergies. 5. A study shows that you sleep better with your pet.
Stop thinking about it and go get a cat!

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