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2 amazing mouthwash uses for pet owners!

In previous posts we've talked about the multiple uses of mouthwash. We've talked about its conventional antibacterial use for eliminating plaque, keeping teeth healthy and avoiding bad breath. We've mentioned some unusual uses for the product such as implementing it in your beauty routine, but we have yet to talk about how you can use it with your pets!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • If you are a proud cat owner of an alpha male cat you might be worried about him peeing in your plants. Some cats have a hard time getting use to their litter box, others are just stubborn. In the video we'll give a solution for that!
  • If you are struggling to get rid of a nasty tick try the incredible mouthwash solution we suggest in the video!


  1. To stop your cat from peeing indoors mix 1 cup water and 3 tablespoons clear mouthwash will get rid of pee odor and make your cats reject the spot.
  2. To get rid of ticks use mouthwash to damp an old towel and put it over the area where the tick is, it should let go.

Check out how to use mouthwash to clean your house and more.

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