The best songs from Wonho The best songs from Wonho

Wonho songs you must listen to, enjoy the best of this solo artist

Wonho is a K-Pop soloist who has the best songs for you, here we recommend some

Do you know who Wonho? He is a K-Pop soloist with a great style and his best songs show it. Listen to these ones that you won't remove from your playlist later.

Lee Hoseok is a highly recognized idol, he debuted as part of the K-Pop group MONSTA X, although due to a terrible controversy he had to leave his boy band. Even though he was proven innocent he no longer met his groupmates and his fate seemed uncertain.

Luckily for fans of Wonho and MONBEBE, he's back, albeit as a solo artist. And it is that he is an extremely talented artist, from his work with his idol group he showed great creativity and talents on stage and also in the studio. Hoseok was not limited to performance and he is also a great song writer, composer and producer.

Wonho's return was just amazing, under a new agency called HIGHLINE Entertainment, Hoseok has managed to continue to delight his fans with his amazing music and performances. He is a magnificent artist that more people should stannear. Well, they also have a beautiful personality, his heart is really sweet and bright and he has shown it on many occasions.

If you haven't listened to Wonho's songs yet, here we recommend some of them that are very worthwhile. You will love the style of this idol who is simply very talented and phenomenal.

5 Wonho songs you should add to your playlist

1. Open Mind

Wonho debuted as a soloist with the album 'Love Synonym Pt. 1', in this we can find his song 'Open Mind', with a catchy and danceable rhythm that you will simply love.

2. Ain't About You

Wonho's second album 'Love Synonym Pt. 2' also has great songs and one of them is 'Ain't About You', which he collaborated with singer Kiiara on and is just a gem.

3. Blue

Blue Letter was Wonho's third solo production and in this one we find 'Blue', a fun and refreshing song that WENEE loved with its rhythm, performance and MV, so you should listen to it too.

4. Eye On You

Wonho released 'Obsession' with two tracks and one of them was 'Eye On You', a song that has it all, its retro and electro rhythm with phenomenal choreography and all Hoseok's talent, you'll just love it.

5. Somebody

Also in 'Obsession' we can find 'Somebody', a song that sounds a bit like rock and has great lyrics that we liked a lot, because we all need somebody.

6. Special mention: Stranger

'Stranger' is a song that we can find in Wonho's 'Blue Letter', a track in which nostalgia predominates, but Hoseok's calm and soft voice shines accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It is a beautiful composition, which can accompany you on your sad or melancholy days.

Now you have many Wonho songs to listen to, he is definitely an extremely talented artist with different facets that he will continue to show us in his solo work.

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