Wonho in Crazy MV Wonho in Crazy MV

Wonho released Facade and Crazy MV, what's the best about his comeback?

Finally Wonho's 'Facade' came out and the idol charmed his fans with his title track 'Crazy', this is the best of his comeback

Wonho had his unexpected comeback with 'Facade', his 3rd mini album is now available to the world, and his title track 'Crazy' has an amazing MV, have you watched it?

Wonho is an amazing K-Pop soloist with great talents, his voice is unique and he gives a different touch to each of his tracks. He is also an amazing dancer, with the power to even improvise in his choreography. He is a complete artist who exploits each of his musical abilities.

The best thing about Lee Hoseok is that he is not just limited to singing and dancing, his studio work goes deeper, he writes, composes and produces his songs. This is what makes you even more special in each new comeback. Wonho has put his best foot forward on his albums 'Love Synonym', 'Blue', 'Obsession' and now 'Facade'.

Wonho had a new comeback with 'Facade', his latest mini album which features 5 great songs, each one with a different face, different feelings and different colors that we can find in each track. 'Crazy' is the title song for this Hoseok album which also has its official MV.

So here we have the best of Wonho and his comeback with 'Facade', his 'Crazy' MV was phenomenal and these are our favorite things about it.

All the best things from Wonho's Crazy MV, this was his comeback with Facade

1. The concept

Wonho is the concept in this MV, okay, it is that all the scenes highlight this idol without a doubt, the changes of outfit and scenery do not affect anything. And not to mention those shirtless shots, help! We really love the dark and mysterious concept of 'Crazy'.

2. The music

The instrumental part of 'Crazy' is just amazing, it combines different musical genres, we can have a great and powerful beat but also a heavy guitar riff. Cool dance sounds and more, it's great, it really suits Wonho, even when he's the one playing the guitar, OMG.

3. The Lyrics

The lyrics are very... wild I would say, they are fun and have puns and the great creativity of the person who wrote it, it's great.

Go crazy
Get into the vibe
Go wild like you mean it
You drive me crazy

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