Everything you should know about Cleaning Up Everything you should know about Cleaning Up

Will Cleaning Up worth watching? Get to know everything about this new K-Drama

Cleaning Up will be a new Korean drama that no one will want to miss, here we tell you all the details we know so far about it

Very soon we will have a new premiere in the world of dramas, 'Cleaning Up' will arrive with a fresh story that no one will want to miss and here we tell you the best reasons to watch it.

Like every month and year, Korean television stations and also digital platforms are working hard to present the best dramas to the world. More and more fans are enjoying these Korean series that have given many adventures and great stories to audiences around the planet.

So, during this 2022 we will have many more Korean drama releases to enjoy. Some will have our favorite actors and actresses and some will have new talents who become promises for the future of the series in Korea and who will do their best to make an impression on the public with their characters.

This time, we will talk about a new drama that is on the way, it is 'Cleaning Up', this is actually a remake of a British series. But we know that in Korea, even rameks are usually quite original with the help of the creativity of the country's writers and directors.

Do you want to know more about this new K-Drama? Here we tell you all the details of 'Cleaning Up', the reasons why you can't miss its big premiere.

Get to know everything about Cleaning Up, here are the reasons not to miss this new drama

1. The Plot

This Korean drama is about a group of people who work as cleaners at a major security company, and that's how they learn big secrets and more hidden information, what would they do with all of it?

Cleaning Up | Twitter: @jeonsobari86_

2. The Cast

In the cast of Cleaning Up, we find great actresses and actors like Yum Jung Ah, Jun So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, Lee Moo Saeng, and more who will be a part of this amazing story.

The cast of Cleaning Up | Twitter: @kpop_TV_247

3. When will Cleaning Up be premiered?

June 4, 2022 will be the premiere of 'Cleaning Up', the company responsible for this series is Korea's JTBC and will premiere its episodes at 10:30 PM. So no one will want to miss this new K-Drama that promises a lot for fans.

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