Wi Ha Joon K-Dramas you need on your watchlist Wi Ha Joon K-Dramas you need on your watchlist

Wi Ha Joon dramas you must watch, get to know the actor's great career

Wi Ha Joon is an amazing actor that you will love with his various roles in dramas, here we recommend some of them

Wi Ha Joon has an extensive acting career and he has participated in several K-Dramas with great characters, which ones are the best? Add them to your watchlist!

Wi Ha Joon is a Korean actor who was born on August 5, 1991. He majored in theater and film during college, so there was no doubt that he would soon become a great actor. Since 2012 he started having various acting roles in a short film called 'Peace in Them'.

Later in 2015, Ha Joon made his film debut with the movie 'Coin Locker Girl'. And by 2016, she appeared on Korean television as her character Ha Joon in the drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black'. Since then, her acting career has been expanding with new productions and many characters.

Wi Ha Joon fans know all about his different facets and characters. This is why today he is one of the most popular actors internationally. With the popularization of K-Dramas, he caught the attention of new fans who can't stop watching more of this Korean actor.

So here we will recommend the best Wi Ha Joon dramas for you to enjoy all his characters and great moments on Korean television. Extend your K-Drama watchlist with this actor.

5 K-Dramas Wi Ha Joon has appeared in, this is the actor's career

1. Romance Is a Bonus Book

Year: 2019
Starring Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk

This is a romance drama in which we will follow the story of a woman who, after getting divorced, gives herself a second chance at love while a friend helps her find a job and shine again with her skills.

Wi Ha Joon in Romance Is a Bonus Book | Twitter: @micdroptay

In 'Romance Is a Bonus Book', Wi Ha Joon has the character of Ji Seo Joon, so you must watch it. 

2. Matrimonial Chaos

Year: 2018
Starring Cha Tae Hyun and Bae Doona

In this South Korean series we will learn about the different stories and thoughts of men and women who are in their 30's. Their perceptions about love and divorce in modern times will be reflected.

Kim Shi Ho is Wi Ha Joon's character in 'Matrimonial Chaos', so be sure to watch this series.

3. Squid Game

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo

This is a very popular drama and even the one that made Wi Ha Joon famous internationally. It is a Netflix series in which we witness a cruel competition to the death in order to win a millionaire prize.

Wi Ha Joon in Squid Game | Twitter: @wihajoon_intl

If you haven't seen 'Squid Game' then what are you waiting for? Wi Ha Joon is Hwang Jun Ho in this series. 

4. 18 Again

Year: 2020
Starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Ha Neul

This drama is about a seemingly happy marriage, but everything changes when the husband loses his job and his wife decides to ask for a divorce. He feels sad and desolate and wants to change his past to have a better future, what will happen when his dream comes true and he returns at the age of 18?

Wi Ha Joon is Ye Ji Hoon in '18 Again', so don't miss his participation in this K-Drama.

5. Bad And Crazy

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon

In this series we follow a pair of detectives with opposite personalities and methods. One seeks his benefit in each case without caring much about justice. While the other intends to impart justice regardless of the means he must use to achieve it.

Wi Ha Joon in Bad and Crazy | Twitter: @RavRoses15

Wi Ha Joon is Detective K in 'Bad And Crazy', a great reason to watch this series.

Keep making long your drama watchlist, here we have some dramas starring idols that you must watch.

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