Watch these Wi Ha Joon's K-Dramas Watch these Wi Ha Joon's K-Dramas

Wi Ha Joon K-Dramas to learn more about the career of this incredible actor

There are a lot of Korean dramas with the participation of Wi Ha Joon that you should definitely watch

Wi Ha Joon is an excellent Korean actor that we have seen in a lot of dramas, do you want to watch some of these? Here we recommend the best.

Wi Ha Joon was born on August 5, 1991 in Wando-gun, South Korea, he has worked as an actor and model. His debut was in 2012, although he first acted for movies and later it was when he got his first role in K-Dramas. The first short in which he participated was 'Peace in Them', since then his career has been growing.

This Korean actor appeared for the first time on Korean television in 2016 with the drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black', this was his first steps in K-Dramas and he would soon be part of more projects and series with which he has delighted fans of all the world. Today Ha Joon has a lot of supporters who support him.

Maybe you have seen him in some recent Korean drama and his work has been excellent, we have seen him act with other great talents like Lee Dong Wook or Lee Jung Jae, incredible actors who have appeared in the best series. But of course, we are here to focus on Wi Ha Joon's career.

So here we have some of the best dramas in which Wi Ha Joon has acted, enjoy all the talent of this excellent actor! Enjoy all of his series.

6 Wi Ha Joon dramas you must watch, enjoy the best of this Korean actor

1. Matrimonial Chaos

Year: 2018
Starring Cha Taehyun and Bae Doona

In this series we will see the thoughts and feelings of people in their 30's, they are facing their own life, love and more thinking that in fact divorce is common in this era, can they survive it?

'Matrimonial Chaos' has an interesting plot you can watch.

2. With Coffee

Year: 2018
Starring Jeong Da Eun and Wi Ha Joon

In this drama we see an intense story of romance between two people who are looking for work at the age of 26. This is a love as bittersweet as coffee, so maybe it won't end the way everyone expects, will it?

With Coffee | Twitter: @dan_kdrms

You can watch 'With Coffee' starring Wi Ha Joon.

3. Romance Is A Bonus Book

Year: 2019
Starring Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk

This K-Drama is about a woman who is violated by her husband and when they divorce he even stays with her daughter, this makes her start looking for new alternatives and she will have a friend who will help her fix her life, can she She give romance a new chance?

If you haven't watched 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' you need to do it ASAP.

4. 18 Again

Year: 2020
Starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Ha Neul

This series is about a married couple who seems to have a good life, but everything changes when the wife asks for a divorce, this is a terrible thing for her husband who ends up broken and wishing he had changed his life when he was young. As if his wish almost came true, he is returned to when he was only 18 years old, will he be able to remake his life?

18 Again | Twitter: @_dohyunfiles

You'll see Wi Ha Joon as Ye Jihoon in '18 Again'

5. Squid Game

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo

This is a Netflix Original K-Drama in which we can see a group of competitors fighting for a juicy reward in a bunch of games for children with a terrible twist that could end their lives.

Wi Ha Joon was Hwang Joon-ho in 'Squid Game'.

6. Bad And Crazy

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon

In this series we meet a couple of detectives who have very different ways of working, one of them will do anything for his own benefit and the other the same, only that his purpose is always to seek justice and not to benefit himself.

Bad And Crazy | Twitter: @hajoonfilm

You're gonna love 'Bad And Crazy' starring Wi Ha Joon.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some starring the idols from ASTRO that you also need to watch. 

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