You'll love Jinxed At First You'll love Jinxed At First

Why you should watch Jinxed At First? Get to know more about this new drama

'Jinxed At First' is Seohyun's next K-Drama and here are all the reasons why you should watch it

A new adventure in Korean dramas is coming with 'Jinxed At First', here we tell you all the reasons to watch this K-Drama.

Like every month and every year, in this one we will have new drama premieres that will lead us to meet new stories and characters. In addition to venturing into the plot and more of these series in which Korean writers, producers and actors work. There really is a lot that we still have to watch.

And in the new K-Dramas we can find many of our favorite actors and actresses, those who have already lent their talents to other previously released dramas and who have completely conquered the public with their skills in front of the cameras and their characters.

Maybe you know Seohyun, a super talented woman who was previously part of the girl group Girls' Generation and has now performed very well as an actress. We saw her in the Netflix movie 'Love & Leashes' recently and she is ready for a new drama.

'Jinxed At First' will be Seohyun's new K-Drama that you won't be able to stop watching and here we tell you all the reasons not to miss it.

All the reasons why Jinxed At First will be worth watching

1. The Plot

What is 'Jinxed At First' about? This will be a fantasy K-Drama about a man who runs a craft beer business, everything seems to go well until something crashes into his life, it's this goddess who he should take care of now and that will change a lot of things in his life.

The plot of Jinxed At First | Twitter: @graceohyeon

2. The cast

The ones staring 'Jinxed At First' are Na In Woo, an actor who we've seen in K-Dramas such as 'Her Bucket List' or 'At a Distance, Spring is Green'. And also Seohyun is a part of the cast, she has worked on dramas like 'Private Lives', 'Time', or 'Bad Thief, Good Thief'.

Jinxed At Frist's cast | Twitter: @sjhkkp20

3. The comedy and fantasy

'Jinxed At First' will be full of comedy and fantasy and we're ready for that! We've watched its trailer and we have this good vibes about it.

4. When will Jinxed At First premiere?

On June 15, 2022 'Jinxed At First' will be premiered, so we gotta wait a little bit more to get to know its full story.

Jinxed At First premieres on June | Twitter: @2003intang

While we wait for the premiere of Jinxed At First, please, keep  reading more about your favorite K-Dramas, here we have some actors who looked real good with their uniforms for their characters.

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